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Historical framework 

The construction of the monument dates back to very ancient times, in fact the cathedral would have arisen on the remains of the tomb of San Paride. However, it is not possible to prove the ancient origin of the monument, however Christian epigraphs have been found which testify  the rapid spread of Christianity within the territory occupied by the Sidicini. There are hypotheses that today's diocese was founded by St. Paris himself.

A document would attest to the presence of a first cathedral, during the 11th century, the church was already a cathedral and that it was previously dedicated to St. Terenziano.The cathedral during the early Middle Ages was destroyed first by the Saracens and then by the Normans during their raids on the Sidicino territory. After these episodes the cathedral was rebuilt whose date of construction is unknown.

Description of the monument

The cathedral should correspond to the area of ​​the current chapel located on the left side of the complex. The tomb of the saint was located in the last room of the current crypt, corresponding to the apse. The reconstruction of the plan of the structure suggests that the 11th century cathedral could correspond to the area now occupied by the large chapels that flank the left aisle.

After the bombings of 1943, however, only a few traces of the original Romanesque basilica remain, together with mosaics and plastic decorative elements inserted in the portico or preserved in the crypt. What we admire today is therefore the result of the enormous reconstruction of the Norman-era cathedral. A fragment of inscription found on a Presbyterian wall recalls some reconstruction work and confirms that the altarpiece and sacramental vaults date from the 11th century.

Internally, the building has a basilica layout with three naves ending in an apse, separated by two orders of reused columns. Numerous architectural elements visible both inside and outside the building are also reused, perhaps attributable to the building complex dedicated to Iside.

Originally, lighting must have been ensured by two rows of ogival single-lancet windows, later replaced by large windows in the 17th century. The crypt rests on the underground complex, in which many architectural and decorative elements related to the building have been preserved until today, collected during its modern reconstruction. This complex, divided into three naves with a barrel vault and cocciopesto floor, has been rightly interpreted as a cistern from the Roman era.

The sacred building is also flanked by an imposing quadrangular bell tower. After a massive fire in the early 16th century, the façade suffered serious damage, but was rebuilt in 1636, when an elegant Renaissance portico was added and further restoration work was carried out inside.

On this occasion the cathedral was to receive a new dedication to St. John the Apostle, as evidenced by the monumental inscription placed on the facade. One of the latest buildings added is the chapel of S. Paride, built at the beginning of the 18th century on the site of the adjacent seminary. On the other hand, the following century was a period of decline not only for the cathedral, but for the entire diocese.

Before the bombings, the square also had a fountain which was dismantled and then moved to another location.

Nowadays visiting the cathedral people can lose in the unbroken Silence of the church and admire it’s fascinating, elegant and rafined art.


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