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The Great Siege Tunnels are perhaps the most impressive defence system devised by man.

At the end of the Great Siege in 1783, the defeated Commander of the French and Spanish troops, the Duc de Crillon, on being shown the fortifications that had led to the defeat of his troops, commented “These works are worthy of the Romans”.  This comment highlights the ingenuity of those men who against all odds endured the onslaught of the advancing forces and were still able to devise a unique system of defence which afforded them victory.

It was during the war of American Independence, when France and Spain made an all-out attempt to recapture the Rock from the British. This was Gibraltar’s 14th Siege, and famously known as The Great Siege. The Great Siege took place from July 1779 to February 1783, 4 years of intense battles.

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  • Gibraltar Savings Bank, Bomb House Lane, Moorish Castle Estate (Qasbah), Gibraltar, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar


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