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Audio tourThe strange case of the fondillón of Algueña

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Welcome, welcome to Algueña. What you are about to start is an innovative tourist experience through play and fun. Algueña Tourist Play invites you to take a walking tour of the town, divided into 8 stops discovering the best of this municipality and its history but in a game environment, that is, overcoming tests, levels and helping the protagonists of this story to solve something very important.

You will follow the route, of 2.7Km / 1h50min, on your own mobile, following the instructions that the App will provide you automatically. At each stop you must first listen to the audio; then perform the test by clicking on the blue button; and finally, by clicking on the sandwich (android) or "Explanation" (IOS), get the answer and keys to continue moving forward. The tour will be easily followed with the map of the application. Remember to turn the volume up or use headphones to properly listen to the audio guide. With Algueña Tourist Play, you're going to have a great time.

It is necessary to download the free app of for a better use of the Tour. 

Play and earn up to 100 points by passing 8 tests and finding the keywords, riddles and extra words to solve the riddle at the end of the game. At each stop discover the keyword, extra word or riddle. When you get it right, you will have access to immediate feedback and the next stop.

Open your mind and get into game mode. We recommend that you be attentive to the environment and read very carefully the rules of the game, panels or plates that you find. (Sometimes they can hide some clue.) Read carefully the statements

This activity has been promoted by the education department of the City of Algueña and developed by Sost4 Ecotourism & Sustainability.

The game begins in the town hall square of Algueña. Head there and hit the home button or scan the QR code. Let the adventure begin!

Quest location

  • Ayuntamiento de Algueña, Plaza Juan Carlos I, Algueña, el Vinalopó Mitjà / El Vinalopó Medio, Alacant / Alicante, Valencian Community, 03668, Spain

The quest can only be completed on location using the izi.TRAVEL app. Please, download now to get started.


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