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The meeting in Teano between Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele II is the Risorgimento episode of 26 October 1860, which concludes the expedition of the thousand. The actual historical place of the meeting is disputed between Teano and Vairano. The king of Sardegna Vittorio Emanuele II had occupied the pontifical territories in the Marche and Umbria and had gone to meet Giuseppe Garibaldi who had almost completed the conquest of the Kingdom of the two Sicilie. The meeting took place on an autumn morning, Garibaldi had his head simply wrapped with a colored handkerchief. He was watching the passage of the Piedimontese troops, when he heard the Royal March played by order and distant words shouted "The king! The king is coming!

Vittorio Emanuele II at that moment dismounted from his horse rushing to meet him, Garibaldi saw the King, removed the handkerchief from his head and shouted: "I salute the first king of Italy!" The king stretched out his hand Garibaldi did so much more, shaking it, the two men remained with their hands joined for more than a minute. "How are you, dear Garibaldi?" "Well, Your Majesty and you?" "Well".

Subsequently the two groups proceeded together for a certain stretch talking, until Garibaldi turned left returning to Calvi while the king continued to Teano.

The meeting place was traditionally recognized as Teano, at the Caianello bridge, today's bridge of San Nicola, in the hamlet of Borgonuovo. And the episode is known as the "Meeting of Teano". However, the precise location where the meeting took place is still under discussion since it took place in the countryside. Since the Caianello bridge is less than 200 meters from the border of the neighboring municipality of Caianello, and that territory stands between the territory of Teano and that of Vairano Patenora which claims ownership of the place where the meeting took place. The exact point would be identified in the crossroads of Taverna della Catena, in the town of today's Vairano Scalo, a fraction of the municipality of Vairano Patenora.

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  • Incontro Garibaldi e Vittorio Emanuele, Strada Provinciale Roccamonfina - Teano, Teano, Tuoro di Teano, Casi, Teano, Caserta, Campania, 81057, Italy


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