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The ancient settlement of Shymkent has always attracted the attention of not only archaeologists, historians, journalists and writers, but also travelers. Until recently, the settlement was only a hill in the area of the "old town". However, archaeological excavations of the early noughties gave grounds to assert that the city is more than 2,200 years old. Then a comprehensive study of the settlement began with subsequent excavations, conservation and restoration of the walls, as well as the construction of the former citadel. Many buildings were erected again according to the restored schemes, photographs and drawings. And today tourists can become both observers and participants of archaeological excavations, because part of the research work is still being carried out here.

Basically, the citadel has already "ascended" over the city in its ancient form. "Ladder of Hope", "Tower of Love", house, "Tower of alchemists", observation decks, ancient kilns for roasting and cooking – all this is available to the tourist's eye today.

The area of the preserved citadel is 40 by 50 meters, and its height is on average more than 25 meters. The depth of the cultural layers of Shahristan ranges from two to six meters. The outer defensive walls have been preserved in the form of an earthen rampart with a height of one and a half to two meters with the remains of towers.

The original layout of the buildings, the fortification system, round towers along the walls of the citadel have been preserved and partially reproduced here. In the southwestern part of Shahristan, tourists will see a real residential quarter of the XVI-XVII centuries with houses and main streets. In one of the dwellings, you can see what the ancient "sufa" bricks were, laid out in the form of a so-called "sofa". The tandoor has also survived to this day – a stove in the wall, from which heat was supplied to the house, warming even the floor. A caravanserai is also reproduced around the residential quarter, behind which the sculptural composition "Camel Caravan" is visible. Such a "picture" creates a more complete visual representation of the Great Silk Road, which passed through this ancient settlement.

The restorers were able to create an artificial pond on the site of the settlement and the house. Such reservoirs had all the fortresses to collect water in case of a siege. The water in the house was collected from the spring river Koshkar-ata by laying a ditch. This river feeds Shymkent with coolness and beauty even today. Many will be interested in the "Tower of Love", which has long been a place of salvation from enemies. From it it was possible to go down the "Ladder of Hope" to the underpass and catacombs. And today tourists can walk this path, plunging into history. Access to the observation deck, from which the whole city of Shymkent can be seen from a bird's-eye view, will help to return to reality. Contemplating the sights, do not forget about the photo shoots – at this place they should turn out to be extremely mysterious and spectacular.

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