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You are invited on a woollen journey told by hand and machine

The building of the woollen mill, originally known as the Boyer mill, later named the Engles mill, rue des Calquieres, was built in 1842, taking the alignment of the façade, of the original (Boyer mill), certified from the 15th century, for cereals (rye ant wheat) and for wool (fulling), the latter activity being continued up until the beginning of the 20th century.

The machines : The major interest of the building lies in its exceptional collection, all in working order. These machines are listed as being of historical interest.



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Due to the current health crisis, the Museum is closed. We are offering this virtual visit, in order to keep the doors of the Filature wide open, so that you can escape along the Langouyrou by discovering the treasures of this Museum from your sofa! ...

Because La Filature des Calquières is not not a Museum like the others ... In the center of Langogne, on the banks of the Langouyrou, we discover the rich past of this territory, at the time of the industrial revolution. The intact mechanics, which still work today with wool, with the flow of water, and with the force of the wheel.

This 19th century factory seems to have fallen asleep since ... and immerses you in the history and past of a territory that has lived for so long thanks to sheep.

 " Water runs, wool is spun and time goes by..."

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  • Filature des Calquières, Rue des Calquières, Lotissement le Clos de la Tuilerie, Langogne, Mende, Lozère, Occitania, Metropolitan France, 48300, France


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  • Philippe

    5 out of 5 rating 04-28-2020

    On remonte dans le temps avec cette visite, tout en découvrant l'histoire d'une région méconnue, à la fois humaine et très technique. Nous vous conseillons la visite guidée. Passionnant.

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